The Project

Costs and Responsibilities

Sponsorship costs approximately $18,000 a year (per student).  This includes $2, 500.00 fee paid to WUSC for processing applications abroad.  The project has been fortunate in the last ten years to receive considerable financial assistance from the Bishop’s student body, from Bishop’s University, which has waived tuition fees, and through the residence/food service, provided a room in residence and a meal plan. As well, Champlain College has also provided a room in residence and waived student fees.  It has received additional support from the Champlain Students Association and from many individuals (from faculty, staff and community) who have made donations. Because the official, government-designated period for sponsorship is one year from the date of arrival, the group also assumes responsibility for meeting housing and subsistence needs during the vacation periods and summer and for paying the airfare of the refugee students.  Thus fund-raising (through our fall raffle, used book sale, spring garage sale, etc.) is an important part of our work.  Group members also help the student make decisions about academic programs and provide guidance and assistance with studies, social life and practical concerns such as food and clothing needs, summer work and housing for the second year.

Sponsorship is fun and benefits our community!

The activities related to this project are immensely satisfying.  To date, sponsored students have come from Rwanda, Burma (Myanmar), Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire), Ethiopia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Burundi, The Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan.  From them Canadian students have the opportunity to learn about political situations and about the difficulties of life for young people in other parts of the world.  They also enjoy group activities such as apple picking, holiday and birthday celebrations, sugaring off, and they experience the satisfaction that comes with being committed to assisting another person on a practical level.