Student Bios

Ngor Deng

Ngor Deng and Lissa McRae

My name is Ngor and I was born South Sudanese.  I was sponsored to Bishop's University (BU), Lennoxville, Quebec through WUSC (World University Services of Canada) and the BU/CRC Refugee Student Sponsorship project. Before coming to Canada, I was in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya where I lived for 13 years.

I arrived in Canada in the fall of 2007 and enrolled in BSc in Biochemistry at Bishop’s. I lived in Residence and had the opportunity to interact with an amazing student sponsorship committee, great students, and awesome professors and academic advisors. While at BU, the frequent barbecues, potlucks, and the many house-to-house get-togethers organized by the Student Sponsorship committee and friends facilitated my integration into the Canadian system really fast. It was at Bishop's University that I skated for the first and last time!! 

I progressed well in my science degree at Bishop’s so I decided to change my major in the winter of 2009 and pursue a more specific degree - hence I transferred to Simon Fraser University where I enrolled in BSc in Health Sciences: Population and Quantitative Health. I felt that this offered me better job opportunities. I love living in British Columbia but still miss my first Canadian Friends back at Bishop's.

My goals are limitless. I want to do everything that would improve lives of the needy - both in South Sudan and internationally. Despite starting school when I was about 10 years old and never having had a chance to attend a pre-school, I am currently seeing myself on the right academic track. My career goal is to becoming an epidemiologist.

Ajak Leek

I was sponsored in 2004 from Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya, where I lived most of teenage years as a refugee, and where I acquired my pre-college education, the highest level of education I could access as a refugee living in a refugee camp. After completing my secondary school education, a prerequisite for WUSC sponsorship program (through which BU/CRC sponsorship committee sponsors refugee students), I applied and was gladly accepted. That in a nutshell was the beginning of my journey out of refugee camp into unbounded opportunities here in Canada, albeit with different set of challenges. I was fortunate to be sponsored by BU/CRC Sponsorship Committee, a tight-knit family where everyone cares for the wellbeing of one another and especially the new sponsored students; an essential foundation that helped me transition to new life at Bishop’s University with ease. 

I came to Bishop’s University in Mid-November 2004 when midterm exams were already underway, so I had to wait for the winter semester to start my first classes. Most of the sponsored students arrive in the month of August; this ideally allows them ample time to prepare for the fall semester but it also provides them, especially students from tropical region, an opportunity to gradually acclimatize to the frigid winter temperatures. However, immigration procedural requirements, if not cleared on time, can upset this timing of preferred arrival, which was the case with my late arrival. Although it gave me plenty of time to prepare for my winter classes, sometimes to a point of boredom, I didn’t get enough time to prepare and ease into cold temperatures, but fortunately I had BU/CRC Sponsorship Committee support all through… 

The memories of my years at Bishop’s University will never fade! I am overwhelmed by sheer kindness and closeness of people in the whole community; this is reflected all across bodies at the university with students, professors, everybody going the extra length to help when needed. I couldn’t have made any better choice for a university that suit my need!

After graduating with double major in finance and accounting in 2009, I got an internship with Citizenship and Multiculturalism branch of department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, where I am currently working as a full-time financial administrative officer. All these wouldn’t have happened without motivation, inspiration and support from BU/CRC Sponsorship Committee, Bishop’s University and the whole community of Lennoxville, and for that I am profoundly grateful to the whole community and BU/CRC Sponsorship Committee in particular