Social Events

September Welcoming Party for Sponsored Students

Each year in September, a party is hosted by the Sponsorship group to welcome the newly sponsored students and introduce them to the project members. In 2011, the party was a BBQ and camp fire.

End of Term and Holiday Celebration

End of the first academic term deserves a celebration which usually involves food, games and a gift exchange!

Sugar on Snow

Newly sponsored students are introduced to part of Quebec’s culture in early spring with an outing to a sugar shack, a maple syrup on snow!

Fall Apple Picking

The townships have the best apple orchards in the world! Our group introduces apple picking to our sponsored students! Climbing trees and eating fresh apples is a real treat!

Pinnacle Hike

The views from the top of the pinnacle on a beautiful fall day are inspiring- another way of introducing our newly sponsored students to the Eastern Townships 

Birthday Celebrations

We all love birthday celebrations - a great excuse for cake and ice cream!