Financing Sponsorship - fundraising activities



The Refugee Sponsorship Committee works very hard, on an ongoing basis, to raise sufficient funds to support two student refugees each year. They arrive in late August in time to begin their studies at either Champlain College or Bishop’s University. The Committee is responsible for all the financial and material needs of the two students for a duration of 12 months. Bishop’s very generously provides a Residence Room and a Meal Plan to the student attending Bishop’s;  as well, tuition is waived for the first 3 semesters by the University. Champlain College provides free tuition and a room in residence for the full 2 years that the sponsored student attends the College. Total funds required to support each student for 12 months is $18,000.00

Used Book Sale

The Sponsorship Group provides a great service to the community each October with their gigantic Used Book Sale, held at the United Church Hall on Church Street. The event is a success due, once again, to the generosity of all those who year after year donate their used books to this event.  As well, members of the sponsorship group, Bishop’s and Champlain students, staff and faculty and friends  assist in the transportation, unpacking and the set-up of these books for this event.

Fall Used Book Sale 

Garage Sale

Our most successful fund raising event is the Spring Sale, better known as the Garage Sale, which is actually held in the old Bishop’s Arena! It is absolutely filled with items donated by community members and students who are leaving Bishop's or Champlain. Volunteers come from the Bishop's and Champlain community, friends of Committee members and students! The sale takes 6 days to set up and about 4 hours to sell out… and treasures are found by all!

Here is a photo of our wonderful volunteers at the May 2015 sale.

Annual Letter of Appeal

The Annual Appeal letter is sent out to members of the Bishop’s and Champlain Staff and Faculty in November, just in time for a charitable tax receipt! The Refugee Sponsorship Project would not be successful in its fund raising endeavors without the Support of the Bishop’s and Champlain communities.